Corporate Transport Niugini (CTN) is a Port Moresby based business providing transport and logistic services.

The company was initially established at the request of the Mining and Petroleum Companies who needed logistic and expediting support services such as the security buses, courier car services and Company staff transport to a number of projects around Papua New Guinea.

Corporate Transport Niugini has grown to be the largest supplier of transport and logistic services to the private sector.

CTN_logisticsWe provide motor vehicle rentals, personnel security buses, inbound arrivals and corporate logistic support. The company has a majority share holding that is held by Papua New Guineans citizens and is a nationally owned company as described by the guidelines set by the Investment promotion Authority of Papua New Guinea. The management of the organisation is both expatriate and Papua New Guinean. This gives the company a higher degree of leverage and mobility when it comes to the complicated and sometimes sensitive issues of doing business in Papua New Guinea. It is managed by a very competent group of “hands on” operators who have been involved in a client service environment for most of their business lives.

In an effort to help major corporate clients rationalise their operations in these tough economic times, we believe that we can offer a complete transport alternative that will substantially decrease your company's outgoings and drastically improve its bottom line performance.

All our staff receive in-house training before the commence work and have contact with our client base.

Port Moresby & Brisbane

offices in Port Moresby and Brsbane